Tools for Automatic Songwriting

The software projects listed below are in active development. Please email at for issues. This project is a collaboration between Andrew Fenlon and Brandon Winston.

Crunchtime is an algorithmic MIDI phrase generating library written in Python.
WordSynth is a Python library for syllabification, rhyme detection and musical note-to-word mapping. View a live demo of WordSynth's syllabification algorithm here.
Midi-Json is a port of John Walker's midicsv library to decompile a MIDI file into JSON objects instead of a CSV. Written in C.
Midisep is a simple script that separates a multichannel MIDI file into individual channels of type-1 MIDI. Written in Perl.
DSSI-Render is a command-line MIDI renderer for DSSI instruments. Written in C.
LV2-Render is a command-line MIDI renderer for LV2 instruments. Written in C.
A fork of MrsWatson, fixing a bug that produces silent output when processing MIDI using commercial VSTis.